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We were recently joined over on our Facebook Page by Hayley, the Motability Scheme’s Manufacturer Relations Manager, for a live Q&A session about all things supply issues.

Hayley answered many of your questions about how the supply challenges are impacting the Motability Scheme, why vehicle delivery times have increased and the help on offer for customers at this time. The session also covered the different types of vehicles available on the Scheme, electric vehicles, and much more.

If you didn’t catch the live session, take a look at some of the most common questions and their answers below. You can also find further information in our supply issues FAQ article.

We hope to arrange some more Q&A sessions in the coming months, so if you didn’t join us for this one, make sure you’re following us on Facebook to take part in future sessions.

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How much longer will it take for the vehicle I ordered to arrive?

If you have already placed your application, you have guaranteed yourself a build slot with the manufacturer. Your dealership will be able to liaise with the manufacturer to get the latest information on the estimated delivery date of your new vehicle. Contact them directly and they will be happy to help, but please bear with them as their information can change.

I ordered a car, but it is no longer available on the Scheme. Am I still getting the car as ordered?

If the vehicle was available to order on the Scheme with the manufacturer at the point of application, the vehicle being removed from the Scheme more recently should not impact your application. If you have any queries regarding your application, please speak to your Motability Scheme specialist at your dealership who will be happy to provide an update for you.

Why is the particular model of car I wanted no longer on the Motability Scheme? When will there be more choices again?

The global shortage of semiconductors has resulted in fewer vehicles being available to lease on the Scheme at the moment, however we are hoping that this will change in time.

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Our range of vehicles available through the Motability Scheme has now been updated for July-September 2022.

The list of cars is changing more frequently than you would usually expect due to the ongoing supply issues, but our Car Search tool has the most up-to-date information on what’s currently available on the Scheme.

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Can we expect larger vehicles with higher mileage range and towing capacity to return to the Scheme?

We are dependent on the manufacturers producing large internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles for the UK market. These vehicles emit large amounts of CO2, which electric variants don’t. We understand your challenges with range, however the technology is improving quickly and we hope range will follow.

Why are the Advance Payments so high?

Following Brexit, COVID-19 and the subsequent supply issues within the car market, the prices for a lot of cars have increased. This means that for some makes and models, the Advance Payments may increase. We understand this is frustrating, and our Manufacturer Relations Team are working hard to get cars on the Scheme at the best prices that they can.

We also appreciate that the Advance Payments have risen, and we are currently supporting our customers through this period of disruption with the New Vehicle Payment of £250 in addition to the Good Condition Bonus.

Will more electric cars be available for drivers aged under 25?

We have just changed our insurance rulings to widen the choice of electric cars for drivers under 25 years old. We are closely monitoring newly launched models as they come available to increase the choice available.

Are there any cars available on the Scheme that you don’t have to wait months for?

It is always important for you to have the most suitable car for your needs. This should be the priority as you look at vehicles on Car Search. After you’ve found a car that’s right for you, contact your dealership for estimated delivery times.


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