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Motability Scheme online customer account

What’s new in the online account – payments by bank transfer

With a Motability Scheme online account you can flexibility manage your lease and have greater control in keeping your information up to date. Did you know that if you have an online account you can now choose to receive payments such as the Good Condition Bonus by bank transfer?

Scheme news
The Limbless Association is a charity that offers practical and emotional support to amputees throughout their pre- and post-amputation journey.

The Motability Scheme talks to the Limbless Association

Last month we had the pleasure of appearing at one of the Limbless Associations’ Virtually Speaking themed talks. Read on to learn more and find out how to catch up on the talk if you missed it.

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Introducing Euan’s Guide Access Survey

Euan’s Guide Access Survey, produced by accessibility charity Euan's Guide, provides insight into accessibility issues across the UK. Read the results here.

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The story behind everyday freedom

Scheme customer Helen and Head of Marketing at Motability Operations Delia Ray, sit down to discuss our first ever TV advert and everyday freedom.

Scheme news

New insurance company for the Motability Scheme

Today we have announced some news on the insurance provider for the Motability Scheme, which means that in 18 months time, the Direct Line Group will take over from the current supplier, RSA. There will be no impact on customers or change to the cover provided under the Scheme.

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COVID-19 update: £50 insurance-based refund payments starting this week

Hopefully you’ve heard that we are sending an insurance-based refund of £50 to all customers that joined the Scheme before 4 January 2021 due a reduction in insurance claims during recent lockdowns. We’re now pleased to confirm that payments will be starting this week,. Find out more about when you can expect your payment to arrive.

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Register now for The Big Event!

Taking place on Friday 6 and Saturday 7 August, the virtual version of The Big Event is free to attend, and everyone is welcome. The event will showcase a range of cars, WAVs, scooters and powered wheelchairs, as well as popular adaptations. Plus, representatives from the Scheme, the RAC, and Kwik Fit, will also be there to offer advice.

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Spotting a scam: How we issue refunds and payments

Unscrupulous fraudsters and scammers are using the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to trick people into sharing important financial information. To help keep you safe, we wanted to explain how we make payments and issue refunds so that you can spot a potential scam.

Scheme news

COVID-19 update: £50 insurance-based refund

In 2020 we were able to share savings from a lower level of insurance claims with our customers. Due to similar reductions in claims during further lockdowns, we’re able to send another insurance-based refund of £50 to customers who joined the Scheme before 4 January 2021.

Scheme news

Meet our new CEO: Andrew Miller

Earlier this year we welcomed Andrew Miller as our new CEO. We spoke with Andrew to find out a bit more about the man behind the role. Read the interview here.

Scheme news

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