Message from Lord Sterling, Life President and co-founder of Motability

Dear all,

What a lovely spring pre-Easter day to be writing to you. Over the last year I think we have learned a lot about ourselves and what we truly value.

I am very optimistic that the coming years will enrich our lives in the wider sense and those of our children and grandchildren.  

Due to the development of scientific know-how which led to the extraordinary speed by which vaccines have been developed, the world will recover and if necessary live with the virus.

The health and backup services throughout the world have responded wonderfully and continue to do so and deserve all our gratitude. Sadly there is and will continue to be great personal bereavement somewhat like the aftermath of war, and it will take at least a generation to soften these sadnesses. 

Since my last Easter message, the commitment of everyone involved in delivering the Motability Scheme, and in the work of the charity, has been even greater despite the extraordinary times. A splendid team effort by all involved.

In some ways it has become even more demanding since the start of this year. The economic recovery is happening at an amazing speed as the world is getting back to work, but car manufacturers worldwide are having a very difficult time. They will unquestionably recover. They are now concentrating on their responsibilities to find the right answers with regard to climate change.

Going green worldwide is of vital importance and we at Motability must play a key role to ensure that the individual needs of disabled people are at the forefront of decisions made on this exciting and challenging journey.

The resilience of the Motability Scheme has been amply demonstrated and enables the Motability Trustee Board and close colleagues at Motability Operations, to work together to further enhance the lives of disabled people and their families throughout the United Kingdom in the years to come.

When I think back 45 years to 1977, when founding Motability with the late Lord Goodman, to where we are today, I think the common thread of its perceived success is that so many people have empathy to want to help others on the road to freedom.

Keep safe,

Warm regards,

Jeffrey Sterling

From the Motability Scheme


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