New Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle layout images launched

If you’re interested in leasing a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV), we’ve recently made some improvements to our WAV Search tool to help you find the right WAV to meet your needs. Now, along with pricing, access details, fuel type and so on, you’ll also find a layout image for every WAV.

Using a simple design, the image shows the approximate position for the wheelchair user and how many other passengers each WAV can seat, helping you to narrow down your search for suitable vehicles. It is worth remembering that the size of your wheelchair may impact where you can be positioned within the WAV. Your WAV supplier will be able to advise on this as well as letting you know about any alternative seating layouts, additional seating and whether multiple wheelchair users may be a possibility in the layout you are considering.

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Of course, nothing compares to an actual demonstration of the WAV to ensure that it meets your needs, but we hope this new information helps you to make the most of this demonstration. Remember, all our WAV suppliers operate on a nationwide basis, so regardless of where you live, they’ll be happy to bring a WAV for you to try out. We recommend trying more than one WAV and also seeing different conversions from different suppliers too. Good luck with your search!

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