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Ask the expert: electric WAVs

Curious about what electric vehicles could mean for you? Here, WAV and Adaptations expert Graham Lloyd explains what's involved in building an electric-only WAV, and when you'll be able to get one on the Motability Scheme.

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Yellow electric car on EV wireless charging lane. The in-road wireless charging coil have graphic to show charging progress. 3D rendering image.

Is wireless charging available for electric cars?

The accessibility of chargers is an important aspect of switching to an electric car. In this article, Tim Nevinson explains how wireless charging works, whether it's available for electric cars yet and what it could mean for you.


Major expansion of public charging points for electric cars

An expansion of public charging points is excellent news for EV drivers and anyone looking to switch to electric. Read this article by Neil Lancefield from Press Association to find out more.


Electric car charger basics: EV connector types and charging cables

If you’re considering an electric car, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the different types of chargers, connectors and cables. Read our handy guide which explains the charging basics and some useful terminology.


What does an electric car need when it comes to maintenance?

Whether you drive an electric car or are considering getting one, it's worth knowing about these important maintenance checks. Read these tips by Jack Evans from PA Motoring Service to learn more.

Close up of a charging electric car.

How green are electric cars? Environmental impacts explained

With the upcoming ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles, many people are making the switch over to electric cars. But just how eco-friendly are they? Nick Harper takes a look at their environmental impacts here.


Electric Cars: Information and Driver’s Guide

As we move towards a fully electric future for our roads, we have put together a guide to electric vehicles to help you understand their range, battery life and what the future holds. Read on for more.


Electric car charger numbers increase by 37 per cent

With the increase in motorists switching to electric vehicles, it's great to see that the public charging network is also growing quickly. Keep reading to find out more.

What's The Real Cost of Having an Electric Vehicle?

What’s the real cost of having an Electric or Hybrid vehicle?

Electric cars are becoming more and more common on roads across the UK. But what's the real cost of an electric vehicle? Read this article to find out.


The 2030 fossil fuel car ban and what it means

New cars and vans powered wholly by petrol and diesel will not be allowed to be sold in the UK from 2030. Read on to find out what this means.


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