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Essential questions for your WAV demonstration

Trying out a new Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) can be a fun experience, but it’s easy to forget to ask important questions during the excitement. To make sure you get the most out of your experience, Graham Lloyd, Accessible Vehicle Partnership Manager for the Motability Scheme, shares a helpful list of questions to ask during your demonstration.

During your demonstration, your Motability Scheme WAV supplier will help you make the best decision for you. We’ve already shared some preparation tips for your WAV demonstration, but now you can think about questions to ask during your WAV demonstration.

Whether you keep these questions in mind or jot them down on paper, they can be a guide for you to ask the WAV supplier or to think about after the demonstration.

Things to think about during your WAV demonstration

WAV features

It’s important to feel confident when using the features in the WAV. When you’re trying them out during the demonstration, ask yourself these questions to see if they work well for you:

  • Are you able to open the rear doors or tailgate comfortably? 
    It’s important to try this out during the demonstration. If you find this difficult, you may need an adaptation to assist with this.
  • Do you feel comfortable using the ramp? 
    Make sure you try using and storing the ramp at the demonstration to make sure you are comfortable with how it works and that it is not too difficult or heavy to use.
  • Are you confident and comfortable using the wheelchair restraint system? 
    Remember, the straps at the front are generally trickier to access when you’re inside the vehicle, so make sure to try this out during the demonstration.
  • Do you feel happy that you know how the seatbelt you will be using works in the rear of the WAV? 
    These can be more complicated than a standard car seatbelt, so it’s important to make sure you’re familiar and confident with how they work.


Feeling comfortable is one of the most important things to think about when trying out a WAV. When you’re in your wheelchair inside the WAV, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you getting enough fresh air?
    Check to make sure that it’s easy to both warm up and cool down the areas where you are positioned in the vehicle.
  • Can you see out of the front window?
    Some people can feel travel sickness when they cannot see how outside the front window. If you do suffer with this, make sure to check how easy it is for you to see out of the windows during the demonstration.
  • Are you comfortable with where your wheelchair placement?
    Some people are very sensitive to bumps, so where you’re positioned during travel may make a big difference and should be trialled during the test drive.

Top tip

During your WAV test drive, make sure you drive on different roads at different speeds and surfaces. It’s important to try the roads you usually use, but also try some new ones. This way, you can make sure you’ll be comfortable no matter where you go in your WAV.

The future

It’s important to think about potential changes that can happen in the future. When you lease a WAV for five years, a lot can change during that time. So, if you can, think about any big changes that might affect what kind of vehicle you’ll need. Here are some things to consider: 

  • Are you due to change your wheelchair any time soon? 
    If so, see if you can wait until you have your new wheelchair before you get a new WAV, as it may change the suitability of the vehicle you go for.
  • Are there any upcoming changes that may mean the available seating in the WAV is not enough?
    This can be hard to predict, but if it’s something you’re able to think about beforehand, this will ensure your vehicle will suit the needs of yourself and other people you travel with for longer.
  • Is the wheelchair user a young adult? 
    If so, it’s a good idea to think about available room for any growth or changes in equipment that may happen that could alter the suitability of the WAV during your lease.

Your WAV supplier will be there on the day to answer all your questions. It’s a good idea to use this guide to get ready for your WAV demonstration so you can make the most of it. Remember, the most important thing is that you pick what is best for you. So, if you need more than one demonstration, you can do this before you make your choice. 

After you choose your WAV with the Motability Scheme, you can rest assured that your WAV supplier will take care of all the servicing and maintenance during your lease, as your worry-free lease package includes insurance, breakdown cover, and servicing. 

Find your next WAV

You can see the full range of WAVs and other vehicles available on the Motability Scheme by checking out our ‘Find a vehicle’ tool. The Motability Scheme allows you to swap all or part of your mobility allowance to lease a car, scooter, powered wheelchair or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV).

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