Sarah Alexander’s Christmas gift guide

Disabled blogger Sarah Alexander loves the comfort of shopping online. With Christmas fast-approaching, Sarah has put together a gift guide with disabled recipients in mind. Read her suggestions in this article.

I am not quite sure how I am already composing a Christmas gift guide, it seemed like I blinked and missed out most of the year. Did 2020 fly by because of Covid or did you feel like it dragged? For me it seemed to go by pretty quickly but the wait on seeing friends and family definitely took its toll.

This year, Christmas will not be like any other; by now plans are usually in place (or in my mother’s case, they’re set in motion around July, she loves to organise), we know whose house we’re spending it at and know when we’re travelling up north to see my family. All of that is out of the window this year and as someone that likes a plan, I’m finding it pretty difficult being in limbo.

The only thing I am looking forward to and can guarantee will be done this winter is online shopping. With that in mind I have composed a list of presents that I think a lot of disabled people would appreciate.

  • Slippers – You literally can’t go wrong with a new pair of slippers, they’re available in all patterns and various price points. I love some cosy feet.
  • Socks – Similar to slippers but you can also get personalised socks online from various websites, I got my dad some with my brother’s German Shepherd dog on and he loved them!
  • Electric hot water bottle – I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love mine; I keep it by the side of my bed and when I’m flaring, plug it in and go. It’s much safer than using a kettle and about twenty quid.
  • Blanket/Weighted blanket – There’s nothing better than being cuddled up underneath a blanket, the cosiness is everything but it also gives off a soothing sensory feeling. They can be personalised too.
  • Galaxy projector light – At night or in a dark room putting this light on is really relaxing as it projects stars onto the ceiling and walls (depending on position). It’s so good for calming the mind and chilling out.
  • Fidget toys – There are so many fidget toys available at low prices that will really help comfort the user. When my anxiety is high, or I’m stressed I grab for a fidget toy to keep my hands occupied.
  • Mobility aids – These are pricier and will need some input from the person you’re buying for but if you want to purchase a cool walking stick, there’s plenty available online. Check out or – I recently bought myself some skull crutches that I’m obsessed with.
  • Photo album – I love collating photographs into albums for friends and family members, it’s a thoughtful gift that can be cherished.
  • Something handmade – Maybe you bake, make cards, knit; again, something unforgettable. I’ve recently started embroidery and am enjoying making designs for others, they really appreciate the effort that has gone into a handmade gift.

No matter what you decide or how you spend your Christmas, I hope it’s enjoyable!

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