Scooter and powered wheelchair driving tips

Whether you’re driving a car or a scooter, it’s important to follow the rules of the road and practice road safety. Here are our top driving tips for scooter and powered wheelchair users.

Don’t forget the speed limit

Many Class 3 products have a maximum speed of 8mph, however It’s important to remember that you should only travel at 8mph if you’re travelling on the road. If you’re travelling off-road, which includes travelling on the pavement, then the speed limit is 4mph. 4mph may not seem like much, but when you compare it to the average human walking speed, which is only 3mph, it’s quite fast.

Driving at a reduced speed off-road ensures you have control of your product and reduces risks of any accidents, to yourself and pedestrians. Some scooters even have an option to set the maximum speed to ensure you don’t accidentally drive too fast, your dealer should be able to advise if your product has this capability.  

Watch out for kerbs

When you chose your scooter or powered wheelchair, your dealer should have explained the maximum kerb height that your product can climb. You should always be careful, and reduce your speed, when mounting or dismounting pavements and kerbs, and if you have the option, use dropped kerbs where possible.

If you don’t know the kerb height which your product can climb or descend, then please ask your dealer or refer to the manufacturer’s manual supplied with your scooter.

Driving on the road

If you have a Class 3 product, and would like to drive it on the roads, then make sure that you follow the rules of the road, and adhere to the scooter highway code:

  • Only Class 3 scooters which have been fitted with front and rear lights, indicators and a horn are permitted on the road.
  • Scooters and powered wheelchairs are not permitted to drive in bus or cycle lanes
  • You must follow all road signs, signals and traffic lights
  • Make sure you stay visible, you could wear fluorescent clothing to help with this

Don’t forget that breakdown cover is included as part of your worry-free lease. If your scooter or powered wheelchair breaks down while you are out and about, or you have an accident, then Motability Assist are available to help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Motability Assist can be contacted on 0800 953 5000, why not save the number on your mobile phone, or download the app, so you’re prepared in advance?

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