Winter tyres: What you need to know

Winter tyres are specially designed tyres which can be used during cold, icy and snowy conditions.

How do winter tyres work?

Winter tyres have a different tread pattern and have a higher natural rubber compound than standard tyres and this helps them to grip in the extreme conditions that winter can bring. They can improve braking distances on icy roads when the temperature drops under 7 degrees centigrade.

When do you need to use them?

Although winter tyres may be useful to some customers, they are not a necessity or legal requirement in the UK. If you live in a remote area or a location prone to extreme weather conditions, however, you may want to consider having snow tyres, chains or socks fitted to your car.

Arranging winter tyres for a Motability Scheme car

If you are a Motability Scheme customer and you would like winter tyres, Kwik Fit can fit these to your car for you but you’ll need to let us know before arranging this. You will be responsible for any costs associated with this, for example: the costs of the winter tyres themselves, the fitting of the winter tyres, storing your standard tyres and then re-fitting your standard tyres.

Storing your standard tyres

While using winter tyres, you can store the standard tyres in a separate bag provided by Kwik Fit for each tyre. You will need to store them so that they lie flat on the ground (so that the tread pattern is not face down). Or if you are short of storage space, you can book your standard tyres into the Kwik-Fit ‘Tyre Hotel’ where they will be safely stored until your appointment to have them re-fitted after winter (there is an additional cost for this storage service.)

Refitting your standard tyres

Winter tyres are not suitable for normal road conditions, so when the weather improves you’ll need to arrange for your standard tyres to be refitted. Please be aware that if you reach the end of your lease, the car must be returned with the standard tyres fitted.

Looking after your tyres

Don’t forget, leasing through the Motability Scheme means servicing, maintenance and repairs are included as part of your worry-free motoring package. There are some practical checks you can do to make sure your tyres are looked after properly throughout your lease, particularly when taking longer journeys.

If you’re unsure about your tyre depth or pressure, you can contact Kwik Fit to book an appointment.

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