Adapatations help make driving easier

Adaptations help make driving easier for me

In this article, Scheme customer Sarah Alexander explains her recent experience with driving adaptations.

Driving is a lifeline for me and when it became much more difficult for me to do, I worried that I would lose the freedom and independence my vehicle gave me. I’d heard about various adaptations but I naively thought that there couldn’t be any that would help me.

Due to chronic pain and nerve damage, I have issues with grip, strength and dexterity, so when it came to choosing my next vehicle, I asked the Motability Scheme for some advice on what could help me to continue driving.

I had no idea the vast amount of adaptations that were available; from products that help with accessing your vehicle, stowing your mobility device and helping you drive, which is what I have.

After a discussion with the adaptations installers and some research of my own, it was decided that my new vehicle would be fitted with a steering ball and easy-release handbrake. The steering aid has been really beneficial as it allows me to control the steering wheel with one hand, I can turn the wheel a full 360 degrees without having to move my hand and it gives me much more control. As I suffer with limited mobility in my arms, this has changed my driving experience.

Furthermore, the easy-release handbrake is such a great little adaptation that takes the effort and strain out of applying and releasing the handbrake. Reduced grip strength is required because the handle is large and comfortable to hold, less force is needed and I don’t have to isolate my thumb to engage the handbrake button as the adaptation does all the work for me.

These small extras mean I can continue to drive and do so in a comfortable way, thus keeping me on the road and having the freedom to go anywhere I like.

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