Customers share how they will be using their Motability Scheme vehicle this Christmas

As the festive season approaches, we asked some of our customers to tell us what they are using their Motability Scheme car, powered wheelchair or scooter for this Christmas! Whether it becomes Santa’s sleigh delivering presents, if it’s used to pick up Christmas decorations for their tree or home, or if it’s the chief turkey collector. Here’s what some of you had to say!

“It’s my son’s car, he’s 25 and has autism. He dresses up as Santa and we go visit family taking presents. He loves to ride in the car dressed up.” – Julie Wood

“I’ll be using my car to visit my Dad in the care home and entertaining him and the other residents with some festive tunes on my accordion before we have our Christmas Dinner.” – Elizabeth Lizzie Jackson

“I’ve just collected my new automatic Motability Scheme Car and am really looking forward to getting my independence back, as before I’d have to wait for my husband to finish work before I could go shopping! So, now I’ll be taking my mum Christmas shopping and a bite to eat before the big day arrives. Thank you to everyone at the Motability Scheme, have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!” – Andrea Williams Pate

“We’ll be using our car to take selection boxes to the children’s ward at the hospital. We give them to the children who are in hospital over Christmas. Then whatever is left over we leave for the doctors and nurses who are working.” – Tracey Shaw 

“I use my Motability Scheme Car to shop in Cambridge through shop-mobility. The staff always meet me at the lift afterwards, as they know that my scooter will be loaded up. They then whisk my shopping into my car. It makes me feel like the queen. They are like Christmas Elves.” – Maria Stableford

“My car and my auto chair hoist will be taking me and my wheelchair on holiday for Christmas to an accessible hotel in Wales. Without my adapted car and hoist in the back there is no way that I could get there and would be spending Christmas here on my own. I’m very grateful for my car and hoist which enables me to drive and transport my chair so that I can enjoy things everyone else can too.” – Judi Coggins

“I use my awesome adapted car to take my brother around places at night to look at some amazing Christmas lights that people have put up.” – Ethan Hopwood

“Well apart from my day job and being a local town Councillor, I have the privilege of being Santa for a local community group in Cornwall. My WAV gets me there safely, in style and I can relax knowing I’m covered as far as transport goes. Being Santa is the best job in the world from the delight on children’s faces to the home made cards they create to say thank you. Happy Christmas Motability Scheme.” – Tyler Bennetts 

“Thanks to my car in the last year I’ve managed to live life and go out to shops and slimming world and I’ve lost 4 stone. I still sleep lots and can’t walk far but I’m saving all my steps to be the best steps I’m making. So this Christmas because I have my car I will see my 93 year old grandma this weekend and my dad, then my Mum next weekend. But it will take me to my boyfriend’s house for Christmas. I can finally enjoy being alive and seeing people that love me. Just wish they lived closer. But I love road trips with Christmas music.” – Lucinda Sara

“My new Mobility Scheme car is my Christmas present to myself, it enables me to enjoy life to the full all year long, and this Christmas I will be travelling 200 miles to meet up with my family! Thanks Motability Scheme and a merry Christmas to you all.” – Jo Mcgregor

Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories with us. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

From the Motability Scheme


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