“It’s given me my freedom back” – Sarah on her new powered wheelchair

Disability blogger Sarah Alexander-Georgeson has recently got a new powered wheelchair, which allows her to get out and about more easily. Read her article to hear how her new product has given her a greater sense of freedom.

Since childhood, I’ve used a variety of mobility aids. I have been a powered wheelchair user for eight years, and before that I used a manual wheelchair as and when needed. I suffer from several chronic conditions that mean I am unable to self-propel a manual wheelchair without dislocating, or causing severe pain and fatigue, so a powered wheelchair is my only option when it comes to true independence. Using a powerchair these last few years gave me my freedom back.

Recently, I had to get a new one. Powered wheelchairs are built to be durable and can last a few years if they are well-maintained. Their typical lifespan depends on the type of chair you get and the environment it’s being used in.

My previous wheelchair: no longer fit for purpose

My old product did well lasting as long as it did, but as time went on it started to have more problems. The suspension no longer worked, and it would dangerously tip me forward when I went down the slightest incline which would then result in my footplates hitting the ground. This happened so often that one of the leg rests completely came off – we tried reattaching it, but it would keep falling off.

On one occasion the leg rest randomly fell off whilst I was crossing a busy road and people had to stop their vehicles to help me – it was traumatising. I often went out with just one leg rest and leaned over to one side to have both feet on the one foot plate, which was incredibly painful and uncomfortable.

The battery also only lasted a couple of hours so I couldn’t go anywhere or plan anything. It was frustrating, painful, and stealing my independence from me. I began to resent the chair more than anything and could not wait to get a new one as this was limiting me from being me.

My new wheelchair: feature-packed and comfortable

My new chair is a Quantum Edge 3 and I chose it because of its sleek design, its range of features, and because I fell in love with it after I test-drove it at Naidex. I got the automatic tilt, recline, elevating legs, and rise functions all added to my powered wheelchair and they have made such a huge difference to the comfort and quality of my life.

With my new chair, I can go out whenever I want without worrying that my battery will die. I can take my dog for a walk on my own and know that I will be comfortable, that I can reach high shelves because of the iLevel rise function – I can be independent again. There is so much I can do because of this powered wheelchair; it has been a huge game-changer for me.

I love my new powerchair. It has allowed me to be more mobile and given me my freedom back.

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