Rediscovering the joy of driving

With many of us just starting to leave our homes after months in lockdown, it’s a good time to rediscover the joy of driving as a way of re-exploring the outside world and recharging your batteries. Read on to find out our tips!

We often think of our cars as purely functional. Something to get us from A to B with little fuss. Yet while having a Motability Scheme car is useful and very often a godsend to Scheme customers it can be so much more. Have you ever thought of driving just for the sake of it?

That may be an odd thought. Surely a car is a means to an end and little more? But driving purely for the sake of it can be a great way to improve our wellbeing. 

Cabin fever

Going out for a drive can be immensely enjoyable and uplifting. It’s a way of leaving the house safely – feeling that you are still “going out” and not feeling cooped up inside. If you are isolating due to Covid-19 you may well experience “cabin fever” and a burning need to get out. While it may not be possible to visit friends and family or enjoy attractions, a restaurant or pub outing, there is nothing to stop you just going out for a drive just when you can’t stand being indoors and feeling cooped any longer! 

Research by the government statistics body the ONS shows disabled people are mostly going out to help other vulnerable people or for medical needs. This means you might associate your Scheme car with functional activity. However unlike other tools which serve a purely functional purpose a car can be used for fun too. And as fun is a crucial part of our wellbeing, we need to make sure we’re taking care of that part of ourselves during Covid-19.

Charge your battery

While most cars today don’t need the batteries to be kept constantly charged as was once the case it’s still a good idea not to let a car sit on your driveway, garage or outside your house for weeks on end without being used. Cars need exercise same as humans do. The brakes need to be kept operating and you need to check the electrics as well. Also you need your own battery charged! There’s nothing quite like a lovely long run out to make you feel recharged and re-energised. 

Taking the family or people in your bubble along for the ride makes it more pleasurable and a chance to feel as if you’re doing something together. To add to the fun, plan the journey beforehand and maybe buy some sweets or chocolates to keep you going during the ride. Play games too. Car games aren’t just for bored children. You too can have fun with them.

Planning a journey? Why not try one of these scenic drives

Change of scenery

A change of scenery can do you a lot of good. This is especially so if you haven’t been able to have a holiday since lockdown or had to cancel one. It can even be like a “pretend” holiday. Fool your brain into thinking you’re going away. Humans love and need routine but we also need a break in that routine. It keeps us going, keeps us feeling fresh. 

As well as enjoying a drive as a social outing it’s also good to go for a drive on your own sometimes. Maybe it’s your one chance to be by yourself, have a bit of space away from your family and carers. It’s healthy to take time out on your own if you need it. Asserting your independence is important for everyone but especially so if you are living with disabilities. Nothing gives you a sense of independence and freedom quite like a car does. 

Car picnic

You may be wary of visiting an attraction as you may have done before lockdown with your Scheme car so instead why not have a car picnic? That way you can enjoy the scenery from the safety of your car and not need to worry about buying food while maintaining social distancing. 

Keep your driving skills up 

Driving for fun and pleasure is also a good way to keep your driving skills up to date and boost your confidence as a driver. Driving is something we get better at the more we do. It’s also something we can get a bit rusty at if we just use the car for short essential journeys.

So get in your Motability Scheme car and feel the freedom of the road!

About the Motability Scheme

The Motability Scheme makes leasing a car an easy, hassle-free experience. With the Scheme, you can exchange part or all of your mobility allowance to lease a car for three years and, once the three years are over, if you decide to remain on the Scheme, you can choose another vehicle.

Insurance for up to three named drivers, maintenance and breakdown cover is already included in the price you pay. The Motability Scheme specialist at your choice of dealership will take care of any paperwork and place the order for you, and you’re supported by the Scheme throughout the lease.

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