What’s checked during a WAV service?

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) customers on the Motability Scheme benefit from an all-inclusive lease package that includes servicing, maintenance, repairs and an Annual WAV Check for the converted elements of the vehicle.

All of this work is arranged by your WAV supplier who will contact you whenever any work is due. The WAV supplier may carry out this work themselves, or they may arrange for your WAV to go to the vehicle manufacturer’s local dealer (For example, a Vauxhall Combo would be taken to a Vauxhall dealer.)

Sarah Alexander-Georgeson has been a Scheme customer for a number of years and in this article outlines her recent experience of having her WAV serviced. Sarah chose to contact her vehicle manufacturer’s local dealer to arrange this, but you can wait to be contacted by your WAV supplier when your service or Annual WAV Check is due.

Sarah’s experience

My WAV has just come back from being serviced. I am not going to lie; I don’t know much about what happens when my car goes in for its service, so I spoke to Mahlon Ince, Motability service specialist at Evans Halshaw Citroen Kettering and asked a few questions.

Mahlon told me that it is important to get your vehicle serviced when it’s due because it makes sure your vehicle is maintained properly. The service also highlights any issues that might have cropped up, and ensures the vehicle is safe to drive.

During the service, the vehicle undergoes an inspection where the brakes, lights, tyre pressure and tread are checked. The oil and air filters are also changed if required and the engine oil and cooling system reviewed before the vehicle is cleaned. Each car requires slightly different checks depending on the manufacturer, and a car is not serviced any differently to a WAV.

I have some driving adaptations fitted and these are serviced by the installer, who contact me separately if any maintenance is required. My adaptations have been checked previously and I have an appointment for them to be checked again soon. The installer comes to my house and performs the checks whilst my vehicle is parked outside. If anything further is required, an appointment will be booked for it to be taken into their garage.

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The difference between a service and an MOT

I asked Mahlon what the difference between a service and an MOT is, he said that the service is about maintaining the vehicle and an MOT is a government safety check making sure the vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards.

An MOT is required on vehicles three years and older. Although car leases on the Scheme are for 3 years, most WAV leases are 5 years so the MOT is required in year three and then each subsequent year. Your WAV supplier will get in contact and arrange this for you, but you can contact them if you have not heard from them. You can easily find the details for your WAV supplier in your Motability Scheme online account. I recently wrote all about the benefits of using the online account, and you can read all about this here.

Motability Scheme dealerships make servicing easy and hassle-free. And I know that having a courtesy car is not always guaranteed, when I do get one it’s great because you can still go about your day without having to worry about being without a vehicle.

Read more from Sarah at www.fromsarahlex.com

Looking for a WAV on the Scheme?

Use our WAV search tool to choose from our range of over 650 WAVs, narrow down your options using filters such as make and model, number of seats, side or rear entry and lift or ramp access.

Once you’re happy with your selection, use our Find a WAV supplier tool to contact suppliers who will help you choose the right vehicle for you. They will discuss any adaptations you may need, arrange home demonstrations and test drives of the vehicles that could be suitable before ordering your chosen WAV.

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