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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) suppliers

The Motability Scheme works with a range of expert Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) suppliers. They play a crucial role in helping customers get mobile and enjoy worry-free motoring.

You might already know the role they play in converting vehicles into WAVs, but do you know all the other things that WAV suppliers look after during your lease? Read on to find out how your WAV supplier will support you during your lease.

What do WAV suppliers help you with?

Your WAV supplier is your main point of contact during your lease with the Motability Scheme. They will be able to support you with a range of things, such as:

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All of our dedicated WAV suppliers offer a nationwide service and can visit you at home for any demonstrations and test drives.

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Choosing the right vehicle

First and foremost, WAV suppliers aim to help you choose the best vehicle for your needs. They will offer expert advice on everything from seating layouts to ground clearance, to help you decide which WAV is right for you.

They will also arrange for a home demonstration and test drive, to give you the chance to make sure that you choose the right vehicle before placing the order.

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Ordering and delivery

Once you’ve decided which WAV you’d like to order, your WAV supplier will then place your application and get to work converting the standard, or ‘base’ vehicle, into a WAV.

Depending on the complexity of the vehicle you’ve ordered, this can take several weeks or months, but your WAV supplier will keep you up to date throughout the process. They will also get in touch with the adaptation installer if you are also having adaptations fitted to your WAV.

Once your vehicle is ready, they will deliver your WAV to your home address and give you another demonstration to make sure you are comfortable with your new vehicle.

Familiarisation check

About a month after you take delivery of your new WAV, your WAV supplier will be back in touch to offer a check at your home to make sure you are getting the most out of your new vehicle. 

The check will include a reminder of how the features and functions of your new WAV work. They will also make sure that it’s meeting your needs and expectations.

If you’re having any difficulty getting used to your WAV, this is a great opportunity to get more comfortable and confident in using your new vehicle with the help of your WAV supplier.

Servicing, maintenance and repairs

The next thing your WAV supplier supports you with is the routine servicing and maintenance of your vehicle.

As WAVs are converted from standard vehicles, you need to keep up with the manufacturer’s servicing schedule to keep the vehicle in good working order. Your supplier will make sure that your WAV is serviced and has its MOT test when it’s needed during your lease.

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Your Motability Scheme lease package is all-inclusive, which means that all servicing, maintenance, and breakdown assistance are covered.

See what’s covered in your WAV lease with the Scheme

Annual WAV check

On top of arranging the regular servicing for your vehicle, your WAV supplier will also carry out an annual WAV check for the conversion elements of your WAV.

This is carried out each year, usually at your home address, and will cover things like the ramp or lift and wheelchair tie-downs to make sure they’re working correctly and still meet your needs.

If the supplier sees something needs fixing, they’ll try to do it right away if they have the parts. If not, they’ll set up another time to fix it and will aim to complete these repairs.

For any mechanical issues outside of your annual WAV check, your WAV supplier should be your first point of contact.

Find out more about what happens at your annual WAV check


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