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Your annual WAV check explained

As a Motability Scheme customer, you’ll get an annual Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) check as part of your lease. This is carried out by your WAV supplier at your home. Watch our quick video with Graham Lloyd, Accessible Vehicle Partnerships Manager for the Motability Scheme, to learn what’s included in your WAV check. 


What your WAV check involves

The annual WAV check is carried out by your WAV supplier, as one of the many ways they support you during your lease. This is similar to a regular car service.

Your WAV supplier will reach out to you to let you know annual WAV check is due. They will then organise a time for the check to take place at your home address.

What to expect at your annual WAV check: 

  1. Your WAV supplier will check that all the adaptations are doing their job correctly. This could include the ramp or lift, winches or wheelchair tie-downs.
  2. When they are checking the adaptations, they will also make sure they are still safe to use and still suit the customers’ needs.
  3. If the check shows that there are some repairs needed, your WAV supplier will try to do these at your home address, if possible. This depends on them having the parts they need with them at the time.
  4. If the WAV supplier needs to order replacement parts, they will arrange another day with you to carry out this work.


Your annual WAV check and any routine repairs are included in the cost of your all-inclusive lease package with the Motability Scheme, so you can enjoy greater peace of mind.

Outside of your annual WAV check, you can always contact your WAV supplier for any advice on the general maintenance or repairs of the conversion elements of your WAV.

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