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What’s your next Scheme car going to be?

If you’re reaching the end of your current lease agreement, you may be thinking of getting your next Motability Scheme car.  Some things may have changed in the three years since you last chose your car, both in your needs as well as the range of vehicles manufacturers have available, so we’ve put together a guide to help you choose.

There is a lot to think about when deciding on a new car, and with the advent of electric and hybrid vehicles, there is now more choice than ever! Here is some food for thought to help you choose your next Motability Scheme car. 


Before you even begin to think about engine types, shapes, and even makes and models it is really important to assess your requirements. Is your current car still suitable? If your needs have changed and you’re finding it more difficult to drive, get in or out of the car or stow any mobility equipment then we have a range of adaptations that might help. There are around 100 Motability Scheme adaptations installers that can provide expert advice and guidance on selecting the right adaptations for your needs. Getting your needs organised first is the best way to start thinking about a new car. Your local Scheme dealership are always on hand to discuss your requirements if you are looking at other options.

Click here if you’d like to find out more about adaptations on the Motability Scheme

Size and shape

After you have reviewed your personal requirements it is time to look at size and shape. In some instances, the adaptations you need may dictate the type of car in terms of size, very small cars may not be suitable for certain types of access or wheelchair storage.

These days the SUV is probably one of the most popular car types out there. People enjoy the high driving position and the feeling of safety. However, these larger cars can be harder to park and are not always ideal in term of access due to the door sill height. For people needing something smaller the mighty hatchback is still a winner.

From small hatchbacks like the Volkswagen Up! to larger options like the Citroen C4 these cars give you a lot of flexibility and are also easy to drive and park. Saloons like the Mercedes A Class can certainly look great and give a more executive feel for those that are looking for that kind of car. They are often very well spec’d too.

If you want space but don’t want an SUV, don’t forget the mighty estate car! While a lot of people have moved to SUVs these days there are some great estates in the market. Smaller options like the Toyota Corolla are a great choice but if you need more size the Skoda Superb has been a go-to for many years. If that wasn’t enough choice don’t forget the MPVs. The Citroen Berlingo and Peugeot Rifters are both solid choices.

Electric, hybrid, petrol or diesel

So once you you’ve thought about any adaptations you might need and what size of car you are after its time for the big debate! Do you go electric, hybrid or something more traditional?

Going full EV may be a big step but it can be very worthwhile. An electric vehicle can be very cheap to run and great for the environment. You’ll ideally need a charging point installed at home but charge points are starting to pop up in lots of places and this will only increase. Happily, if you’re a Motability Scheme customer then you can have a charge point installed at your home, or gain access to a network of charge points for easy on-street charging. Read more about this here.

Check out this article for more on the pros and cons of hybrid and electric vehicles. 

If you want to be green but not be totally reliant on charge points, a hybrid could be the answer. Some hybrids run an electric motor and just use the petrol engine to charge the batteries which run the motor, while plug-in hybrids can run on just electric if they are charged. Other options reduce the reliance on fuel and use batteries where they can.

When it comes to traditional fuels there is a big trend towards small petrol engines like the Ford Ecoboost power units. These can return excellent mileage and are a lot greener than bigger engines. Diesel is certainly still viable and essential in larger vehicles like vans, but it is potentially something that won’t be around forever and worth considering.

Trim and toys

The last bit of the puzzle is often the hardest! Which trim to go for!? Trim levels are all about those little luxuries. If you are inside your car a lot it is worth choosing as high a level as you can. 

In-car tech is really important, a good infotainment system that can sync to your phone is essential. Being able to use GPS, reply to messages with your voice and more can all make a journey much easier.

Search the full range 

Careful use of the Motability Scheme Car Search tool will help you tailor the choice of over 1,400 cars available on the Scheme to your specific needs. The ‘advanced search’ function lets you narrow down choices to your exact requirements, including Advance Payment, brand, individual model, body style, fuel type, fuel consumption, number of seats – even whether it’s eligible for younger drivers.

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