A fun day at the market for Lara!

From sampling free food to shopping for sparkling brooches and waistcoats, Spitalfields Market has something for everyone to enjoy. In this article, Lara Masters tells us about her day out at Spitalfields.

Now that we’re well into May and getting the odd sunny day in between the monsoon showers and night-frosts, we know summertime in the UK is fast approaching. Hoorah! And what better way to enjoy these fleeting glimmers of sunshine than with a trip to a market? They’re fun, usually flat and best of all – free!

During the weekends, I can often be found bartering down a bargain at London’s famous Spitalfields and Old Spitalfields Market, which sit side by side under an impressive Victorian vaulted ceiling, brimming with rows of student designers and artists selling their latest cutting-edge creations. I always go home with a cupcake handbag, backless sequin waistcoat, and sparkling scorpion brooch or similar.

There are also more traditional stalls flogging cheap textiles from far-flung corners of the world and there’s a tantalising, hugely varied selection of food available. I munch my lunch at Rainforest Creations (possibly the most delicious and nutritious way to get your 5-a-day) before perusing the many cake and pastry stalls, hoovering up the free samples and then plumping for the same huge double chocolate brownie I always have.

On my last visit, I did try some oysters with a dash of lemon and Tabasco. Not that I like oysters – I think swallowing gritty balls of slime soaked in salt water is highly over-rated – but I was so thrilled by the decadence of supping on such fancy fare at a market stall that I managed to force 3 down! Slurp!

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