Taking your Scheme car abroad – what you need to know

We know that your Motability Scheme vehicle is not just crucial to helping you with everyday activities, but also gives you the opportunity to travel abroad.

If you’re thinking of heading to another country in your vehicle, there’s some important information you need to know and documents you need to take with you.

Where can I take my vehicle?

You can take your Motability Scheme vehicle abroad within the European Union and to Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein at no extra cost for up to 90 days in total within a 12-month period.

You cannot take your vehicle abroad for longer than 12 months. 

If you have scooter or powered wheelchair, you can take it abroad for up to 30 days in total within a 12-month period.

What documents do I need to take?

If you’re thinking of taking your Motability Scheme car on holiday with you, you’ll need to get a VE103 (Vehicle on Hire certificate) before you travel, which confirms you have our permission to take the car abroad. This includes if you’re travelling to the Republic of Ireland.

You can get a VE103 by calling the RAC on 0800 731 3310.  When you request your VE103 you’ll also be able to include RAC European Breakdown Cover at no extra cost. If you choose to travel abroad without arranging breakdown cover, you’ll be responsible for all recovery charges if you breakdown.

Do I need a Green Card?

You no longer need a Green Card to drive your Motability Scheme vehicle abroad.

The only exception is if you’re towing a trailer or caravan, which might a Green Card of its own. You can request this from Direct Line Motability (DLM) by calling 0300 037 3737.  They’ll issue a Green Card free of charge, but they’ll only provide third party cover whilst the trailer or caravan is attached to your Motability Scheme vehicle.

If you’re a powered wheelchair or scooter customer, you do not need a Green Card or any other documents to take your product abroad.

Long term travel

You are not permitted to take the Motability Scheme vehicle abroad for more than 12 months.

If you’re travelling for more than 90 days, you must speak to DLM on 0300 037 3737 at least three weeks in advance of your journey. They’ll consider your request and if it’s permitted, they’ll send you written consent. Please note that cover for legal expenses and replacement locks is not available while you are abroad.

If you’re going abroad for between 6 and 12 months you, you must contact our Customer Services team on 0300 456 4566 at least three weeks in advance of your journey as you’ll need written permission from us before you travel. 

GB and UK stickers

You might need to display a UK sticker on the rear of your vehicle when driving outside the UK. This depends on your number plate and where you’re going. 

You can find out more about this on the Government’s website.

What else do I need to know?

If you have a UK photocard driving licence, this will still be valid when taking your Scheme car abroad. However, if you hold a UK paper driving licence, you may need an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive in some European countries.

These requirements may also change again in the future, so it is worth checking whether you require an IDP before you travel, even if you hold a photocard licence. More information can be found on the Government website or Post Office website

Travel rules can vary between countries, so it is always important to check whether there are any specific requirements for the country you are visiting. Many European countries require you to carry items such as a first aid kit and a reflective vest in your vehicle, so you should make sure you are prepared before you set off. For more information on what is required in the country you are travelling to, visit the RAC website



Bookmark the Government’s website for the latest information on travelling to the EU. In addition to the driving documents mentioned above you will also need:

  • Passport valid for at least six months
  • Travel insurance that covers healthcare
  • Animal health certificate if you’re travelling with pets



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