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Watch: how to manage your drivers online

We know how important it is for you to be able to change your drivers quickly and easily during your lease.

To help you do this, your Motability Scheme online account is linked with the Direct Line Motability (DLM) insurance portal. 

Here you can manage your drivers without needing to call DLM and any new drivers you add online will be able to drive your vehicle straight away.

We’ve created some short video explainers showing how to add, deactivate or permit a driver to help you understand more about the benefits of managing your drivers online.

To access the DLM portal, sign in or create a Motability Scheme online account and go to ‘Insurance’.

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Adding a driver

You’ll need to do this if you’re adding a driver that is not currently insured to drive your vehicle, and their details are not already saved in your DLM portal.

Deactivating a driver

This means you’re removing the driver from the insurance, so they will not be able to drive your vehicle anymore, but their details will be saved so you can quickly add them again in the future.

Permitting a driver

If someone is not currently insured to drive your vehicle, but is in your inactive drivers list, permitting them means they’ll be added to the insurance policy again. 

Other benefits of the DLM insurance portal

You can do much more in your DLM insurance portal, including downloading documents such as your Certificate of Motor Insurance and Policy Schedule.

You can also update your details if anything changes, and this will automatically update with us too, so you do not need to tell us after.

Plus, you can use DLM’s Virtual Assistant get to get answers to common questions.

If the Virtual Assistant cannot answer your question, you’ll have the option to connect to a DLM Live Chat advisor instead. Live Chat is available Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm.

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