Freddie on finding Everyday Freedom through acting and driving

Many across the UK have everyday freedom because of their Motability Scheme vehicle. In this article, Scheme customer and actress Freddie Stabb shares her story about being a disabled actress, and how she has found everyday freedom.

Freddie Stabb has done everything from get ready in a Sainsbury’s stock room for a government campaign, to being in the Cultural Olympiad, but recalls that singing in the Motability Scheme’s first ever national advert is a highlight of her career.

Freddie’s acting career has resulted in her travelling all over the UK and her mileage triumph is partly down to the eight Motability Scheme vehicles that she has had since the age of 19, coinciding with the start of her career at the same age.  Her first of the long list of cars was a purple Renault Clio which she was desperate for after the iconic adverts. She has driven to a wide variety of locations from Spain to see family members and all over the UK including Birmingham, Manchester and Blackpool. She also has a mobility scooter which she enjoys using on small daily journeys and gives her another option to enhance her ‘Everyday Freedom’.

Her impressive career started with GCSE and A-Level Drama before successfully getting an audition with a non-professional theatre company and she has not stopped for the past 26 years. Apart from her role in this advert, other pinnacles include a role in cult TV show, Grange Hill, being in Mark Rylance’s Shakespeare project; and a very exciting ITV project coming up which she unfortunately could not tell us more about!

Freddie is a remarkable actress and is capable of playing any role, which she has proved consistently over the years. She maintains that being in the entertainment industry as someone with a disability requires a lot of perseverance and tough skin, although there are clear signs of improvement.

Freddie told the team, “There are wonderful initiatives taking place across the field of entertainment, creating a diverse workforce which I am heavily involved in.”

How the Motability Scheme helps 

Freddie has been aware of the Scheme since the age of 15 after a family friend told her dad about the benefits of it. She applied aged 19, and was able to get a car with several adaptations to do her driving lessons and test in.

Freddie’s adaptations include extended pedals, an easy release handbrake and gearstick and she has always found the process of getting them sorted out easy. The adaptations have truly allowed her to get the most out of her vehicle and have made her journeys more comfortable.

For the last couple of years, she has also had a boot hoist fitted to her Scheme car, which has given her even more freedom to get around.

We asked Freddie what the Motability Scheme means to her and how it gives her ‘Everyday Freedom’ in her daily life.

Freddie replied,

“It gives me the essential ability to move around just like people without such disabilities. I cannot simply rely on public transport, as buses only have one spot which is often already taken. Like many others, my car is vital for my independence as well as my wellbeing.”

Freddie now drives her Ford S-MAX to acting jobs or auditions. She is often accompanied by a wide variety of music, ranging from Classic FM to Motorhead but one thing she is certain about is the freedom that she gets from being behind the wheel. She particularly relishes long-distance drives and taking in the countryside air along the M4.

About the Motability Scheme

The Motability Scheme makes leasing a car an easy, hassle-free experience. With the Scheme, you can exchange part or all of your mobility allowance to lease a car for three years and, once the three years are over, if you decide to remain on the Scheme, you can choose another vehicle.

Insurance for up to three named drivers, maintenance and breakdown cover is already included in the price you pay. The Motability Scheme specialist at your choice of dealership will take care of any paperwork and place the order for you, and you’re supported by the Scheme throughout the lease.

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