Lorraine’s Story

Lorraine and Alan have been married for over 34 years. Lorraine has Fibromyalgia, so Alan is her carer, as well as a postman. Watch Lorraine explain the positive impact the Scheme has had on both hers, and Alan’s, lives.

Lorraine and husband Alan have been married for over 35 years and have two adult children. They first met on an 18-35s holiday in Majorca and have been smitten ever since.

Lorraine has Fibromyalgia, which causes pain across her whole body. Because of this Alan is her full-time carer as well as a part-time postman; “He really looks after me, he’s wonderful, we really get on well”.

Watch Lorraine and Alan discuss the Motability Scheme:


“Driving a new car every 3 years you feel like the bee’s knees!”

Due to her condition Lorraine struggles to walk long distances, because of this she’s thankful to be a Motability Scheme customer; “If I didn’t have my car, I’d be housebound, it’s wonderful to just get in my car and go off and do the things I used to do”.

During her 15 years on the Scheme, Lorraine has had 5 different vehicles. When it came to choosing their most recent car the couple needed a vehicle with a big boot, as Lorraine often needs to use a mobility scooter and carry various aids with her. They settled on a Ford Kuga, which is easy for Lorraine to access and has the added benefit of heated seats.

Alan shares his wife’s enthusiasm about the Scheme; “Driving a new car every 3 years you feel like the bees knees! Before we always had second hand cars, to know we have a new car of our choice every 3 years is wonderful”.

About the Motability Scheme

The Motability Scheme helps you to get mobile by exchanging your mobility allowance to lease a new car, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle, scooter or powered wheelchair, all of which come with our fully inclusive lease package, so you can get on the road and enjoy everyday freedom: it’s simple, affordable, reliable.

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