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How do complex powered wheelchairs work?

One size doesn’t always fit all, and it doesn’t matter whether we are talking about furniture, clothing, sports equipment, cars, or wheelchairs. Sometimes, you need to have something that has been produced with you in mind, so you can use it with ease and comfort.

Here at the Motability Scheme, we have several types of scooters and powered wheelchairs to cater to people with various needs and backgrounds. There are small, medium, and large scooters, as well as standard  and complex powered wheelchairs. Powered wheelchairs are almost always the choice for people who spend a long time in their chair or find it difficult to transfer on and off a seat easily. Read on to find out more.

How does a standard powered wheelchair differ from a complex powered wheelchair?

Usually, a standard powered wheelchair comes as it is directly from the manufacturer. These chairs are ready to go right out of the box, tend to have a relatively basic range of seating adjustment and do not feature the additional equipment or modification options that some Motability Scheme customers may need. Some people require changes, significant levels of seating adjustment and other features to use their chair with comfort and greater ease. This is where the “complex” chairs come into play, as they are powered wheelchairs that can be tailored to meet the customer’s specific requirement with the additional extras available and advanced seating adjustment capability.

The Motability Scheme’s scooter and powered wheelchair account manager, Dave Bushby, explains further, “Complex chairs are likely to be larger and more expensive than standard powered chairs, and in many cases will have a greater weight capacity. However, as the title suggests, the main difference is they have additional functionality and adaptations to better support customers with more complex requirements.”

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Can complex powered wheelchairs be used inside and outside?

According to Dave, “Yes” is the short answer! He says, 

“Some customers require their powered wheelchair throughout the day and need to use it both inside and outside their home. As with standard chairs, this is possible, but an assessment would be required to ensure the chair fits within the home. Many complex chairs are larger because of the additional functionality they come with, but there are smaller, more manoeuvrable, options available.”

Who will benefit from having a complex powered wheelchair, and what adaptations can be added?

“Customers needing a greater level of support and configuration from their powered wheelchair may require the additional adaptations and adjustability that a more complex chair can provide,” says Dave.

And as for the kinds of adaptations available, he says the following features can be included: Electric/power tilt; electric/power recline; specific backrests/seating; more complex joystick/control system and eye-level technology.

Discover more about choosing a powered wheelchair by clicking here. 

How do you find out which complex powered wheelchair is right for you?

The most effective way to find out which wheelchair is best for you is to get in touch with your local Motability Scheme dealer. “They’ll be able to assess your needs and your home situation to ensure you have the right chair for your situation — and for the journeys you’d like to use it for,” adds Dave.

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The Motability Scheme enables disabled people and their families to access a brand new carWheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV), powered wheelchair or scooter, by exchanging their mobility allowance to lease the vehicle of their choice.

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