Lara Masters’ guilty pleasure: Bingo!

As part of our days out blogs Lara Masters, a writer, actress and TV presenter,tells us all about her guilty pleasure, Bingo!

Who can resist a spot of bingo?!

I love a good day out – or night out – and you can have either at bingo. I love bingo. It’s one of the few places you go hoping your number comes up. I don’t want to endorse gambling or anything but there’s no getting away from it; bingo is fun! And it’s brilliant for disabled people because bingo halls are, in my experience, geared towards disabled people with great access, disabled loos and disabled parking. And lots of old ladies who like to pat you on the head, unless you win and then they give you evils.

It’s true, my life is incredibly glamorous and I’m often to be found hob-nobbing with Liam Gallagher, Michael Caine and the like at London’s swankville, The Ivy. However, once a month I can be found indulging my guilty pleasure with my beloved friend Josie who helped look after me when I was born and is now nearly 90 but does not pat me on the head.

When we were last bingo-ing it up down Camden way, much excitement was had because I tried out the new bingo computer device which you can hire for a session instead of using the bingo book and felt tip. They’re perfect if you’ve got dexterity problems because you just press a button to mark off your number. Still, Josie was not impressed by me going the way of the devil and breaking with long-held bingo tradition but when I won 3 times she soon changed her tune.

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