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Lara Masters, an actress, presenter, freelance writer and the co-owner of a burlesque fashion label was invited to lunch at a place called Whole Foods Market in Kensington High Street. At the time, she was not particularly enthused by the sound of the venue which conjured up images of brown rice, muesli and people with dodgy looking feet in brown leather sandals, but because her friend is lactose-intolerant, she wanted to be supportive. In this article, Lara gives us a quick rundown of her experience.

As I entered the store I found my prejudice, as is often the nature of prejudice, was hugely misplaced – Whole Foods is nothing less than an accessible epicurean emporium!

Three glittering floors joined by a large glass lift are filled with the most extraordinary organic and ethically produced delights you could ever imagine. There’s a cheese room, a sushi bar, an ice-cream parlour, an organic wine bar (less additives equals less hangover, or so I tell myself), a bakery and a florist – all run by the most knowledgeable and helpful staff I have ever had the pleasure to hand over my £78 to! Yes! 78 quid – all on food!

But let me explain… I have recently been put on a deadly, dull no sugar diet because of a digestive disorder so lately life has been less than sweet. However, everything changed as I waltzed around the spacious aisles at Whole Foods and discovered treats such as RAW fruit bars and Booja Booja! Naturally sweetened CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM and CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES! I could not believe my eyes or my taste-buds and stuffed my bag and my face, welcoming the sweetness back into my life once more.

There are several Whole Foods branches but at the Kensington store you get 2 hours parking free at the adjacent NCP if you spend £25, plus there are 2 disabled bays directly outside.

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