Meet our home chargepoint providers: Ohme and Easee

For customers leasing their first fully electric car on the Motability Scheme, we’ll support you with charging your vehicle, either at home or on the go. In this article, we share more information about our two home chargepoint providers, Ohme and Easee, and discuss how the installation process works.

Electric cars are becoming a more popular choice for drivers, thanks to their cheaper running costs and lower CO2 emissions. They can also be more convenient than standard fuel cars if you’re able to have a home chargepoint fitted – as you can simply charge your car overnight, and then take it on the road the next day without worrying if it will run out of charge.

Can’t get a home chargepoint?

If you’re unable to get a home chargepoint installed, we’ll still support you with charging your electric car. We’ll give you access to the bp pulse network of public chargepoints, so you can charge when out and about.

Learn more about charging on the go

On the Motability Scheme, customers leasing their first fully electric car may be able to get a home chargepoint installed at no extra cost. This is the most convenient and cost-effective way to charge your car. If you have suitable off-street parking, we can arrange and cover the standard cost of a home chargepoint installation.

Learn more about our home charging support here

We’ve partnered with two chargepoint installers, Easee and Ohme, to support our customers with getting their home chargepoints fitted.

How does it work?

If you choose an electric car on the Scheme and decide to get a home chargepoint installed, we’ll allocate you to one of our chargepoint providers (Easee or Ohme) after we’ve approved your application. They’ll contact you first, then arrange to send someone out to you to install a 7kW chargepoint.

There are a few things you’ll need to check when getting a home chargepoint installed, such as making sure you have permission if you live in a flat or leasehold, or if you don’t own the property. You’ll also want to think about what energy tariff you are on, to make sure you get the best charging rates possible.

Find out what you should consider when getting a home chargepoint

Meet Ohme

Ohme is one of our home chargepoint partners. We asked them about their work with the Motability Scheme & its customers – here’s what they said:

“At Ohme, putting our customers at the heart of everything we do and building strong relationships are two of our core values, so we feel privileged to be helping Motability Scheme customers with their move towards electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles can enable all drivers to enjoy greater mobility, freedom and independence as well as saving money with reduced running costs.”

Watch our video below to learn more about getting an Ohme home charger.


Meet Easee

Easee is another of our home chargepoint partners on the Scheme. When talking about how they work with the Motability Scheme, they said:

“It’s crucial to make sure that Scheme customers feel supported, no matter what their additional needs are. This is why we created a unique customer journey to make the installation process as frictionless as possible, and to help customers feel confident charging their car afterwards.”

Watch our video below to learn more about getting an Easee home charger.


Want to learn more about electric cars?

We have lots of useful information on our website, plus a handy tool to help you decide if an electric car could be suitable for you.

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Try our EV suitability checker


You can also see our full range of electric cars by using our Car Search tool – simply filter by ‘electric’ fuel type and see everything that’s available.

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