Did you know you can add or change drivers in your Motability Scheme online account?

We are constantly working to improve the Motability Scheme online account, so that you manage your lease more flexibly. One way you can make the most of your account is by using it to manage the named drivers for your vehicle.

If you are a car or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) customer, you can view, add or change named drivers on your Scheme insurance policy within your online account, saving you the time of contacting RSA Motability (RSAM) to do this.

How to add or change a named driver

We’ve created a quick tutorial to explain how you can add, view or change your named drivers through the online account – take a look below.


To view or change your named drivers in your online account, first log in or create an online account.

Then, choose ‘Insurance’ in the menu.

If you’re adding a permanent driver, they’ll need to provide their driving licence number, details of any previous insurance claims in the last five years and any licence restrictions. If you’re adding a temporary driver, we’ll need the same details except for the driving licence number.

Providing they pass the required checks, they will be added to your insurance and can drive your vehicle straight away.

You’ll then be sent a letter confirming the change of driver, and a copy will also be available to view in your online account the next day. 

These new features are accessed through your online account but are offered by our Scheme partner RSAM.

We’re working with RSAM to make even more insurance features available in the coming months, but for now, you can also see the details of your insurance cover and view and download insurance documents in your account.

Log in

Create an online account

Other benefits of an online account

Did you know about these other great benefits of an online account? You can:

  • Easily check and update personal information such as your address and contact details, saving you time and providing peace of mind that everything is up to date.
  • View key lease dates and important Scheme documents to help you stay organised throughout your lease.
  • Find your managing dealer’s contact details – useful if you need to get in touch with them to arrange any servicing, maintenance or repairs.

Car and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) customers

If you are an existing car or WAV customer without an appointee, you can start your next application from home by updating your personal details and allowance information before you visit a dealership. This allows the dealer to dedicate more time to helping you choose your next car. You can also add the details for two named drivers to your application if they hold an England, Wales or Scotland driving licence.

If you have recently placed an order for a car or WAV, you can use the online account to check the progress of your application and access the PIN, ready for delivery day.

We’re also continually adding new features to the online account, so keep signing in to see what’s new.

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