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Enjoy easier public charging with Motability Go Charge

We’re always looking for ways to make it an even better experience when you choose to lease an electric car on the Motability Scheme.

To make it easier to charge your car while you’re out and about, we’ve recently launched Motability Go Charge.

This gives you access to more than 45,000 public chargepoints through one charging card and app, and it’s available for anyone that chooses an electric car.

How it works

Motability Go Charge, or ‘Go Charge’ for short, brings together over 20 different chargepoint providers into one app and charging card.

These include GRIDSERVE, Source London, ChargePlace Scotland, ESB, Geniepoint, Shell Recharge, Osprey and many more. You can see all the locations on the live map

This covers more than half of chargepoints in the UK, including 70% of all rapid chargers.

Rather than needing lots of apps and accounts for different chargepoint networks, you can access them all in one place.

It’s completely free to get the card and app, and there are no monthly subscription fees.There’s also no need to add funds to your account before you charge and no pre-authorisation fees.

You’ll just need to pay for the energy you use.

More Go Charge benefits

As well as easier public charging, there are lots more handy features in the Go Charge app. You can:

  • use the route planner and navigation tools to plan your journeys and find chargers on route
  • check the availability of chargepoints in real time, and see tariffs and overstay fees
  • use live chat in the app to get help and support when charging
  • manage your account online to monitor your charging and payment history

Who can get Go Charge?

Motability Go Charge is available for every customer that leases an electric car on the Scheme.

This is on top of a home chargepoint or a subscription to the bp pulse network, that we offer when you lease your first electric car.

We’ll automatically send your Go Charge card to you with user guide around the time you get your car, so there’s no need to contact us.

If you already have an electric car on the Scheme but do not have a Go Charge card, fill out this form and we’ll arrange to send one within a couple of weeks.

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