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Get support: see our new changes to the Motability Scheme website

Earlier this year, we started improving our website with new designs and useful tools.  We recently updated our site again – to make it even easier for you to find useful information about your lease. Read this article to find out more.

Why we’ve been updating our website

We know the Motability Scheme website is key to helping you find the right information at the right time.

When we updated it in August, we introduced some new pages and guided selection tools to make finding information about the Scheme simpler. You can read about these changes here.

Now, we’ve made it even easier to find information about your lease. There are new pages that give clear, concise information on what to do when you need support and who to contact.

When we asked customers for feedback on our previous website updates, they said:

[It’s] well planned and easy to understand, no matter what language you use. [It’s] nice, easy-to-read wording and quick.

What have we changed?

We’ve introduced a new section called ‘Get Support’, which replaces the old ‘Contact’ and ‘Your lease’ sections of our site. It helps guide you to find useful lease information and answers any questions you might have.

When you’re on our website, simply click ‘Get Support’ in the top navigation bar. This will take you to the new section of the site, where you’ll see a search bar that lets you find answers quickly. We’ve also grouped our pages by popular topics, so you can easily find the information that’s relevant to you. You’ll find our updated FAQs here, as well as any contact details you may need – including when to get in touch with our Scheme partners directly.

We’re receiving a lot of calls lately, so you might need to wait longer than usual to speak to us. We hope these changes to our site will mean you’ll have the information you need at your fingertips instead.

We’ve also updated our News & Events section. You can see some of our most popular articles here, along with information on our events programme and publications such as Lifestyle and The Rough Guide to Accessible Britain.

We have tested our site to make sure that it follows best practices and guidelines around accessibility.

Want to share your thoughts?

We hope that you find the new changes to our website helpful. If you would like to share your feedback on the new ‘Get Support’ section, please feel free to fill out our feedback form by clicking the button below. This will help us to understand your views and how we can improve the website even more in the future.

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