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What to expect when visiting a Kwik Fit centre

Your tyres go through a lot on a daily basis, so it’s inevitable they will pick up some wear and tear during your lease.

At some point you’ll probably need to replace one or more of your tyres either because the tread has worn down or because the tyre shows signs of damage such as cracks and bulges.

But getting your tyres replaced needn’t be a hassle. Your worry-free Motability Scheme lease package includes replacement tyres from Kwik Fit at no extra charge, so if you need new tyres, here’s a run-down of what to expect.

Making a booking

Like many other companies, the COVID-19 pandemic has created some challenges to Kwik Fit’s day-to-day operations. To avoid delays during the busy winter period, we recommend using Kwik Fit’s online booking tool before you visit a centre. Not only can you choose an appointment time to suit your needs, Kwik Fit will also ensure the correct size tyres are in stock ready for your arrival.

Book your appointment online now

It’s still possible to call in to your local Kwik Fit centre without an appointment, but there are extended waiting times at some centres so it’s worth making an appointment in advance wherever possible. Plus, as tyres become more advanced, it is increasingly difficult for Kwik Fit to hold every variety of tyre in stock. Booking ahead ensures they can order the correct tyres for your vehicle in time for your appointment.

Most Kwik Fit centres offer step-free access but if you have specific accessibility requirements, it’s recommended that you phone ahead to check which of your local centres may be the most accessible before you book.

Motability Scheme customers can also use branches of Tyre City and STS Tyre Pros if this is more convenient than Kwik Fit. Appointments can be booked by calling 0330 123 1531.

Arriving at the centre

When you arrive for your appointment a member of staff will check you in, clarify what is required and take your car key. Remember to let the member of staff know you are a Motability scheme customer and inform them of any adaptations fitted to your vehicle in case it needs to be driven onto a ramp.

Kwik Fit will then aim to complete the work within 1 hour. You can wait at the centre while your tyres are being replaced, or leave the car with them and collect it when the work is completed.

What happens in the workshop?

Once your vehicle is in the workshop, a member of the team will carry out an inspection of your tyres using an electronic tablet. For added peace of mind, all four tyres are thoroughly checked for tread wear, sidewall damage and punctures and a photo of each tyre is saved to the inspection report. If no replacement tyres are needed, Kwik Fit will provide a mileage estimate for when to return to have the tyres changed. 

If you need new tyres, the technician will remove the tyre from the rim and this will be recycled and repurposed. The old tyre valve will also be replaced as these are generally made of rubber and are prone to deterioration. You’ll receive a brand-new tyre valve with every new tyre to ensure that these are in good condition and maintain air pressure in the tyre.

Your new tyres will be fitted and inflated to the correct pressure as per your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation. You’ll also receive complimentary wheel balancing to ensure the tyre rotates evenly on the axle. Incorrect wheel balancing can cause steering wheel vibration and can lead to premature tyre and suspension wear if not rectified. Kwik Fit’s wheel balancing machines can detect even the smallest imbalance of weight, highlighting where counterweights should be placed to eliminate vibration and provide a smooth ride.

Can my tyres be repaired?

In certain circumstances, Kwik Fit may be able to repair your existing tyre rather than replacing it. For example, if you run over a nail and the tyre is losing pressure, it may be possible to remove the object and save the tyre by plugging the hole.

There are strict guidelines regarding safe puncture repairs and Kwik Fit adheres to British Standard BSAU159 which outlines the location, size and number of tyre repairs that should be carried out to ensure you stay safe on the road. However, if your tyre shows signs of damage, ageing, low tread or exposed cords, a repair will not be attempted.

All done!

Upon completion of the work, the technician will hand back your keys along with an advice note listing all completed work. If you have any questions the Kwik Fit team will be happy to help. Kwik Fit’s ambition is to ensure that you drive away happy every time and to get you back on the road quickly and safely.

If you have any concerns about your tyres, notice the tread wearing down or spot any cuts or damage to the tyre sidewall, don’t delay. Kwik Fit have over 600 centres across the UK so help is never far away.

Book a tyre inspection online today

Kwik Fit Mobile 

If you are unable to get to a centre, the tyre you need is not in stock or accessibility at your nearest centre is difficult, Kwik Fit also offer a mobile service.

The service is only available by appointment and is not able to repair punctures. You can organise an appointment for one of Kwik Fit’s mobile fitting units to replace tyres at your home at no extra cost, but to make sure they bring the right tyres for your car, you’ll need to have your car registration and tyre size to hand when you arrange your appointment.

To organise an appointment for one of Kwik Fit’s mobile fitting units to replace tyres at your home at no extra cost, please call 0330 123 1533.

New to the Motability Scheme?

The purpose of the Scheme is to provide the simplest, most affordable way to run a brand new car. There’s no credit checks or lengthy forms to fill out. You just exchange your mobility allowance to lease the car that suits your needs best. Every day running costs such as insurance, maintenance and servicing, tyre replacement and repair and breakdown assistance are all included in the weekly price. So, you just need to pay for fuel and off you go.

More about your tyres on the Motability Scheme

Remember, puncture repairs, wheel balance and replacement of stolen or vandalised tyres is included in the lease package, so Kwik Fit can get you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible if any of these instances occur.

If you are not a Motability Scheme customer and would like to find out more about what’s included in the lease, request an information pack or find out more on our website.

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