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Your annual WAV check explored

One of the benefits of leasing through the Motability Scheme is knowing that your vehicle is maintained to ensure it is kept as reliable as possible throughout your lease. For our Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) customers this reliability is not only required from the engine and driving aspects of the vehicle, but it’s also critical that any conversion items that allow the wheelchair user access to the vehicle are kept in reliable working condition as well.

That’s why we offer an annual check for all the conversion aspects of the WAV to ensure all the working parts on your WAV are kept maintained, minimising the chance of things going wrong.

How does it work?

While some car manufacturers only require the engine, brakes and other items to be checked at certain mileage points, your conversion items will be checked every 12 months.

Your WAV supplier will contact you about a month before the anniversary of when you took delivery of your WAV to arrange a convenient time to visit and carry out the service. The cost of the annual check and any repairs needed due to general wear and tear is included in the cost of your lease, so it really is worth ensuring that you have the annual service every year without fail.

On the day of the annual check, your supplier will come to your home and check all the conversion items, including the ramp or lift and its operating mechanism, your wheelchair tie-downs, winch, if fitted, and any other parts that allow you to access your vehicle.

If the service of your base vehicle, as required by your manufacturer, is needed at the same time, some WAV suppliers may also be happy to take care of arranging this on your behalf. Speak to your converter if this is something that you would prefer they take care of for you.

What happens if I need a repair?

If the supplier identifies that some of the conversion items need to be maintained, where possible, and if they have the parts with them, they will take care of the repair then and there. If they need to order in parts, your supplier will arrange a convenient day with you to carry out the work. Where possible any maintenance work will be carried out at your home, if this is not possible they will arrange for your WAV to be collected and the work carried out at their workshop. Your WAV supplier may be able to provide you with a temporary courtesy vehicle whilst your repair is being completed. If however your repair will take longer than 48 hours and you require a vehicle to make essential journeys we will support your continuous mobility. This could either be through the use of accessible taxis or where possible, and suitable, we will supply an adapted hire vehicle.

We’ve got you covered

The annual WAV check is just one of the ways that our all-inclusive lease aims to provide worry-free motoring. You can find out more about the other benefits of your lease and what to do if something goes wrong in our dedicated customer area.

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