Finding joy in post-lockdown journeys

The past year and a half has been tough for everyone and getting out and about again to see loved ones is something we’ve all cherished. Here, we share the Motability Scheme community’s post-lockdown #JourneyJoys and the video we have created to celebrate these special moments.

Something that we can all take away from the months we spent in lockdown is that it’s given us some appreciation for the little things. This includes using your Motability Scheme cars to find the #EverydayFreedom we all value so much. We are now beginning to enjoy getting out and about again, so whether you are off to visit new places or to see the family and friends we have missed so much, we want to celebrate these much-longed for journeys and the joy they bring.

Check out our video to watch our community’s top #JourneyJoys:


At the Motability Scheme, we know that planning a trip can be just as exciting as reaching the destination! There’s nothing like counting down the days until a highly anticipated trip. It wasn’t surprising that we received so many responses when we asked: Where are you off to first?

Kate was looking forward to the peace and tranquillity of a nature reserve:

“I hope to be off to RSPB Minsmere and maybe meet up with some old friends there and perhaps one of my former colleagues who works for the RSPB … needs to be a nice day weather wise and a good test of my wheelchair’s capability”

Steve was planning to spend some time in the great outdoors too. He was preparing one last use of his current car before upgrading to a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle on the Motability Scheme.

“Taking my caravan to Camelford, Cornwall. Be the last time for this vehicle as ordered my first WAV last week.”

Another example of exciting plans came from Peter, who had chosen an appropriately beautiful destination for him and his partner.

“Going to Weymouth in June for our 40th wedding anniversary”

Many found the restrictions hard due to being away from our loved ones. One theme that was constant in the responses we received was the excitement over seeing friends and family after so long apart when we asked: Who are you seeing first?

For example, Gary was looking forward to seeing his brother, and not only that they were going for a little staycation in London!

“Off to London in a couple of months to see my bro and visit the sights 👍

Gillian had enjoyed a lovely evening with her Granddaughter.

“My granddaughter came round the other evening and we watched a film and had a Dominos and hugs too

And John had perhaps the most special trip planned, to visit the newest member of his family.

“Going to see my 2 week old grandson on Sunday!”

The Motability Scheme provides everyday freedom to over 630,000 customers across the UK. If you would like to find out if you are eligible to experience your own #JourneyJoys with a vehicle on the Scheme take a look here.

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