Windscreen Maintenance

Maintaining your windscreen safety technology

Car technology is constantly evolving and many new cars boast a variety of safety features. But you may not be aware that your windscreen is at the heart of much of this technology.

Things like parking sensors, automatic braking, cruise control or lane departure warnings rely on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). They usually work using a combination of cameras and sensors in the windscreen of the vehicle.

That means that if something changes with your windscreen, these systems must be recalibrated to ensure that all of the sensors, cameras and other technology still work together faultlessly. Even a small misalignment of one camera or sensor by just a few millimetres could shift your car’s safety warning signals out of kilter. So recalibrating your windscreen is absolutely essential in making sure your car’s safety systems work correctly.

When calibration could be required

  • When your windscreen is repaired or replaced
  • If the car’s camera has been disconnected, removed or developed a fault
  • A change in geometry or wheel alignment

If you’re unsure if your Motability Scheme vehicle is fitted with windscreen technology and whether it requires calibration, speak to Autoglass who will arrange a calibration appointment if necessary. Just call 0300 037 9944 or visit for more information.

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