Range is more than just a number

When you were choosing your product your dealer will have spoken to you about your regular journeys and the importance of choosing a scooter or powered wheelchair which had a sufficient range.

While all products are tested and given a maximum range, the actual number of miles your product can travel on a single battery charge will vary depending on where you use the product.

Knowing what range you might expect your new product to achieve is really important to make sure that your battery doesn’t go flat when you are out and about. So before you max out your range, find out some of the key things that might mean it doesn’t quite achieve the maximum stated range.

Your weight

Products will be tested with an average weight – if you weigh more than this average or you load your product with heavy accessories or shopping, it will decrease the mileage range.

The terrain

If your journeys include hills or rough surfaces that require more effort from the battery than a similar flat smooth distance, this will result in your battery being drained more quickly.

The way you charge it

Your dealer should have advised you of the best way to charge your product. It is not normally recommended that you let your battery become fully empty and usually a long overnight charge will optimise the battery.

Regular usage

As with any vehicle, your battery will work best if the product is regularly used and recharged.

Your product’s age

We expect all Scheme products to meet your needs for the full length of your lease. However as with all battery powered products, as your product gets older it is likely that the battery may not be quite so effective. Your dealer will check this on the annual service and if there is a problem they will replace it at no extra cost.


Battery replacement

If you experience issues with the performance of your battery, contact your Motability Scheme dealer and ask them to check it. If they find it is faulty, we’ll make sure it is replaced for you as part of our worry-free package.

More information on your worry-free lease package can be found by clicking the link below.

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About the Motability Scheme

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