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We were recently joined on our Facebook Page by James, the Motability Scheme’s Dealer Partner Relationship Manager, for a live Q&A session about current vehicle supply issues.

James answered questions on what we’re doing to ensure the largest possible range of vehicles is available on the Scheme, and customers newly joining the Scheme or reaching the end of their lease have access to the best options. Other topics covered during the session were lease renewal terms, electric cars, Advance Payments, and much more.

For a quick recap of the live session, we have gathered the most asked questions and James’s answers to them below. Further information can be found in our supply issues FAQ article.

While waiting for my new car to arrive, I find that I can no longer afford it due to changes in financial circumstances. What can I do?

If you are no longer able to afford the vehicle you have ordered, we recommend letting your dealer know as soon as possible. They might be able to help you find a more affordable alternative.

Given the long delivery wait times, can I order a new car earlier than the current window of three months before lease expiry?

To be transparent, we are not looking to extend the renewal window currently. There are several other factors aside from vehicle timescales that contribute to our three-month renewal window. This includes things like when we complete eligibility checks, how frequently we price cars and how we manage the resale of vehicles.

At the end of the three-year lease, we do offer the option of extending the lease for up to two further years if the right criteria are met. For all renewing customers, once they’ve placed an order, we will extend their lease to keep them mobile in their current car until the new one is ready to collect.

Why have Advance Payments risen so much?

We are working hard to ensure we have good availability and affordability for our customers in this tough car market. The lack of available cars and long lead times has meant that it is harder for us to buy these cars cheaply, and this in turn flows through to the cost of an Advance Payment.

Are the current Advance Payment prices temporary or here to stay?

We hope that Advance Payments will become more affordable again in the future, but how long current prices will last cannot be known. We understand that it can be disconcerting to see the changes in Advance Payments and available products. Rest assured we are always bringing you the very best price list we can.

Why is the selection of Electric Vehicles (EVs) so limited?

We are offering as many EVs as we can get access to. They are a new category of vehicle, and we believe that choice and affordability will improve as the technology gets more mature. In the meantime, we are supporting electric vehicle customers with great tools at to work out if an EV is right for them. We are also including a home chargepoint at no extra cost as part of your first electric vehicle lease.

When will car brands such as Jeep and Volvo that used to be on the Scheme return?

There is currently no confirmed date for the return of these manufacturers, but we are working closely and regularly speak with them. They remain engaged Scheme partners and as soon as supply allows, we are hoping to see them return. 

Has the Motability Scheme considered selling second-hand cars? This would save customers from paying large Advance Payments and long waiting periods for their new cars.

We have investigated a used car proposition. However, due to the additional running costs in servicing, maintenance, repairs, insurance, and warranty, used cars did not prove to be a competitive option for customers. However, the market is changing all the time, and we are always investigating other options for our customers.

This Q&A session took place on our Facebook page, where the latest news and announcements on all things to do with the Motability Scheme can be found. Like our page to keep up with the latest news and find out when future Q&A sessions will take place.

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