The role of your dealer during your lease

Your Motability Scheme dealer will have helped you select and order your car, but it’s good to know what else they support you with during your lease – and when they are likely to contact you. Keep reading to learn more about the role of your dealer and what they can help with.

Your Motability Scheme dealer is your first point of contact for any issues with your vehicle during your lease. This could be arranging a service or MOT, or looking into a mechanical issue. We’ve listed some of the main things your dealer will help you with, at different points of your lease.

It’s worth noting that every dealer is different, and that some might contact you more frequently. In general, once you have taken delivery of your new car, your dealer may not contact you until your next service is due – but you can always contact them if you need any help with your car.

Handing over your new car

Once your new Scheme car is ready, you’ll pick it up from your dealer. The dealer will carry out the handover process, and once completed and you’re happy with it, you can enjoy your vehicle.

This is also your opportunity to make sure that you know how to use all the main controls and features in your car, and to ask any questions you might have. You should also double-check that your dealer has your correct contact details, so that they can contact you during your lease with important information.

Your dealer may also confirm the service schedule for your vehicle at this time. It will either be at set times during your lease, or once you’ve driven a certain number of miles. If you have any questions relating to this, do feel free to ask them.

Arranging your service

You’ll be contacted by the dealership when your vehicle is due a service. This could be a year or more after you’ve got your new car, depending on your specific vehicle’s servicing schedule.

Did you know that you can also check when your service is due in your Motability Scheme online account? We’ll also send you reminder emails if you’ve given us your email address. You can call your dealer to book an appointment that suits you.

They’ll check a few different things during your service, depending on what type of vehicle you have. They usually include things like checks on your engine oil, lights, windscreen washer fluid, and more.

If something happens between services

Your dealer looks after your car’s routine servicing and maintenance, but if you have a breakdown, you should contact RAC Motability Assist directly. Once you’ve reported it to them, they’ll try to get someone out to you within 45 minutes, but this can vary at busy times.

If a warning light comes on or if you notice something unusual about the way your vehicle drives, there are a few ways to get help. You can speak to your dealer for advice, or you could call RAC Motability Assist on 0800 73 111 73. They’ll ask you questions about the problem, guide you on the next steps and if needed, send someone to check your vehicle. They can repair or change tyres, replace batteries or give your electric car a charge boost.

Unsure who to contact?

The ‘Get support’ section of our website has lots of useful information on who to contact if you have any questions or issues. You can use the search bar to find answers to specific questions you might have.

If you have an issue with your tyres or need a replacement, you can also contact your local Kwik Fit directly. There are many Kwik Fit centres across the UK and Northern Ireland and they’re all open seven days a week. We recommend you book an appointment in advance, to avoid a long wait – the quickest way to do this is by going to the ‘Tyres’ section of your Motability Scheme online account

If you have an issue with your windscreen or window glass, you can contact Autoglass directly by calling 0300 037 9944. You’ll need to tell them you’re on the Motability Scheme and show them your Certificate of Motor Insurance.

If you have any questions about your insurance, you can contact Direct Line Motability directly. You can use your Motability Scheme online account to check details or change drivers, and visit our Insurance page to find more information.

You may not hear from your dealer between services, but they are always there if you need to reach out to them for more information or to help with any issues.

Getting an MOT

If your car is on a standard three-year lease, it will need an MOT test before you can hand it back. You can do this in the last three months of your lease. Your dealer will contact you to arrange your MOT test. If you’d like to confirm when it is due, please contact your dealer.

If you live in Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man, the rules are slightly different. Vehicles in Northern Ireland do not require an MOT test until they are four years old and vehicles registered in the Isle of Man do not need an MOT test at all.

Reminders in your online account

If you have a Motability Scheme online account, you’ll also get a notification on your homepage when your MOT due date is coming up. We’ll also send you reminder emails if you’ve given us your email address. You can call your dealer to book an appointment that suits you.

Getting your next Scheme car

When it’s time to order your next Scheme car (three months before your lease is due to end), you can place an order for your next car. Your dealer will contact you about your next vehicle, however if you choose to go with a different dealer, remember that you can use our ‘Find a dealer’ tool to search for other Motability Scheme dealerships in your area.


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