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We’ve made it easier to find your next WAV on the Motability Scheme

We recently updated the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) search on our website, making it easier for you to filter through your options and find the right vehicle for you. Keep reading to find out what’s changed, see our handy demo video and share your thoughts. 

Why have we updated our WAV search? 

Over the past year, we’ve made lots of improvements to the Motability Scheme website to help customers find the information they need.  

The most recent change we made was updating our Car Search tool, making it easier to see which cars are available on the Scheme and filter your options quickly.

Recently, we updated our WAV Search tool, which lets you browse our full range of available WAVs. Our updated tool will make it even easier for you to find the right vehicle for you. 

We’ve listened to your feedback and worked with customers to make sure that our new tool meets your needs. We’ve also tested it to make sure it follows accessibility best practices and guidelines. 

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What’s changed? 

You can watch our video below to see some of the key features from our new search tool:


One of the main changes you’ll notice is that there are now more ways to find the right WAV for you. You can either start your search by focusing on your needs and browsing by our range of filters, or if you already know which size of WAV you want, you can choose to browse by the type of WAV. This lets you narrow down your search.

Once you start looking at the results, you’ll see that the WAVs are grouped by make and model, making it easier to see all your available options. If you’re interested in a particular make and model, you can then choose to find out more about it and see what specifications are available.

Another change we’ve made is that every WAV listed on our search features an image of the seating layout including the wheelchair location, along with an overview of the features. You can find more information about a vehicle by looking at its full specification, including its accessibility features and details about the fuel type.

Plus, you now have the option to ‘favourite’ a WAV if you are interested in it, so that you can save it to look at later. Any favourites you add will go into a separate list, so you can focus your search on a few specific vehicles. So you know – your favourites will only be saved on the device you’re browsing on, rather than across all of your devices.

The tool also provides WAV suppliers’ details. The supplier will discuss your needs, arrange a free no-obligation home demonstration and support you in choosing the right WAV for you.

We hope that you find the new changes to our WAV search helpful.

Want to share your thoughts? 

If you’d like to share your feedback on the new WAV search tool, please feel free to fill out our feedback form here. This will help us continue to improve the website even more in the future.

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What else has changed? 

Along with the WAV search, we’ve also updated our search tools for scooters and powered wheelchairs. You can read our article for more information on what’s changed there. 

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