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Four simple car checks for safer winter driving

Getting your vehicle ready for winter doesn’t need to be difficult. Here are some basic maintenance tips from Kwik Fit that can help get your car through the colder months.

1 Check your screenwash bottle and top it up regularly.
A lot of dirt and grime ends up on the windscreen during winter, so having plenty of screenwash will help to maintain your view.

2 Check that all your lights are working and clean them regularly.
If you have a blown bulb in your brake light, you could receive a fixed penalty notice if stopped by the police. Also, other road users may not be able to see you clearly in wintry conditions.

3 Check your tyres every few weeks.
Adequate tread is critical to help tyres grip cold and icy roads. Make sure you have at least 2mm of tread on all of your tyres.

4 Check your coolant level and top it up if necessary, as it protects your engine from extreme cold temperatures.
Coolant is stored in a reservoir under the bonnet and is usually a bright-pink or blue colour. Check your vehicle handbook, or you can ask your dealer, if you’re having trouble finding it.

About the Scheme

Your Motability Scheme lease includes tyre repair and replacement from Kwik Fit. You can take your Motability Scheme vehicle to any one of the 600+ Kwik Fit centres across the UK and the team will carry out a full safety check and replace any tyres in need of attention at no extra cost.

If you’re new to the Scheme and would like to find out more about the all-inclusive lease package request a free information pack below and we’ll send you all the information you need.

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