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Guide to navigating the choice of new cars

It is important to select the best car for your needs from the many models available on the Motability Scheme. The car search tool has been designed to help here. Independent motoring expert, Richard Aucock, explains all the different things to consider when choosing your new car.  

With more and more new cars coming to the Motability Scheme, it is important you get the right one for you. Everyone has different preferences and specific needs they need to consider, so here I thought I’d offer some tips on picking the right car for miles of happy motoring.  

Fuel type 

There are lots of handy filters on the Motability ‘Find a vehicle’ tool. A good starting point is deciding what fuel to choose. Perhaps a future-proof electric car might suit your needs? Or maybe you’d prefer a stepping stone to electric, in the form of a hybrid or plug-in hybrid? The Motability Scheme also features a range of more traditional petrol and diesel cars too.  


The latest car means the latest tech, so you’ll get more than a brand-new car and a worry-free package. You’ll get to enjoy all the latest features and tech too, mostly found in electric cars. 

If you’re interested in getting an electric car, you will need to think about what battery range will suit your lifestyle the best. The car search tool lets you explore the Motability Scheme’s wide range of electric cars by battery range, from 100 miles and over, up to 250 miles and over.  

Read more about finding the right electric car for you and sign up to the electric car email series to receive bitesize information and education on electric cars. 


Many Motability Scheme customers like the ease and convenience of an automatic gearbox. With two pedals and no gearstick to bother with, it often makes for a simpler driving experience for those with limited mobility.  

An automatic gearbox is standard on all electric cars. Your choice could be more limited on petrol and diesel cars, particularly if you’re looking at smaller models.  

While automatic cars have traditionally been more expensive, as the automotive industry focusses more on the rise of electric vehicles, you can expect to see the prices begin to level out as manufacturers transition away from petrol and diesel cars.  

Find out which automatic cars are available on the Scheme.

Drive type  

You can choose different drive types too. Most cars are front-wheel drive, with some having rear-wheel drive. You may not be able to tell the difference, as the latest electronics keep things stable in all conditions.  

However, those who live in more remote areas may prefer four-wheel drive, where both front and rear wheels are driven. These cars have more grip on muddy roads and will perform better when it snows.  

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Body type  

There are now lots of different body types. Hatchback cars are popular, as they have a practical boot that’s ideal for wheelchairs and other medical equipment. SUVs are increasingly popular too, as they have a more rugged design and higher seating position. MPVs, saloons and convertibles are rarer, but you can still get them on the Scheme. Or you may prefer a roomy estate, with square-shaped boots offering loads of space.  


Boot size 

All new cars have an official boot capacity, given in litres. To make things easier, the Motability Scheme enable you to explore cars by how many large 120-litre suitcases they’ll hold, from 1 to 2 suitcases, up to 5+ suitcases. You can also choose cars by the number of seats. Most have 4 or 5 seats, but there are cars with 7, 8 and even 9 seats available, for those who need them.  


As for costs, this will always play a key part in your decision process when choosing your next car. You can also use the Motability Scheme car search tool to find cars based on your allowance type and whether you want to pay an Advance Payment option, and if so, how much.  


The Motability Scheme makes leasing a car easy, as all your other major costs are covered, including, insurance, breakdown cover, servicing, and routine repairs. You can also add up to three drivers on your insurance.

Of course, if you know the make and model of your perfect next car or have a favourite dealer selling a particular brand of car, you can also search and find these cars using the tool. The Motability Scheme dealers will have trained specialists on hand to go through your individual needs and help you make the right decision.  

Whichever route you choose, best of luck in navigating the choice of new cars and selecting the best one for you. 

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