Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions? Here’s what our Scheme partners are pledging this year

The new year is a time that many of us use to look ahead and think about making resolutions to change something or improve aspects of our life. If you haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions yet, perhaps we can help with some inspiration! We’d like to introduce you to some of our Motability Scheme partners, who have come up with a few suggestions for you to consider.

Lyndon Reeks, Motability Scheme dealership

“Keeping your batteries charged is vital”

Lyndon Reeks is the Commercial Manager of Ability Matters, a Motability Scheme Powered Wheelchair and Scooter dealership with seven stores around the country. The dealership also provides orthotic and prosthetic limbs for the NHS.

Lyndon suggests: “Keeping your device batteries charged and also making sure it’s well maintained is vital, especially during winter. Store your mobility scooter or wheelchair in a dry area or keep it covered so it doesn’t get wet.’’

“My personal resolution is to get my golf handicap down. I haven’t played for a while as I’ve been playing cricket but I got injured so my cricketing days are over. The good thing about golf is that it’s still exercise, but it’s gentler.”

Rory Perera, from the RAC

“Remember your FORCES”

Rory Perera is the Corporate Services Delivery Manager of the RAC. He works in the fast-paced RAC Operations Team.

Rory’s top tip is to remember your FORCES:

FUEL: Cars use more fuel in heavy traffic and winter weather.

OIL: Always check your oil to avoid engine damage and breakdown.

RUBBER: If your tyres aren’t wearing evenly, tyre pressures may be mismatched or there could be a fault with the steering.

CHECK: Make sure all four tyres have at least 2mm of tread and are inflated to correct pressures. This is vital for keeping grip in wet conditions.

ELECTRICS: Check all lights work correctly.

SCREENWASH: Keep screenwash topped up—colder conditions need more concentrated solutions.’

He says, “My personal resolution is to get the decorating done and spend quality time with my family as my children are growing up quickly.”

Patsy Elliot, Customer Services Team Member

“Book your MOT early & add a nominated speaker”

Patsy Elliot is in our Customer Services Team. Her top tips for customers this year are to book your MOT as soon as possible towards the end of your lease and to add a contact to speak on your behalf (‘nominee’) if it would be helpful to you.

“Dealers tend to be very busy after Christmas. I would advise to call your dealer and book your MOT as soon as you can in the last 90 days of the end of your contract so they have plenty time to replace any parts needed for your MOT. As part of looking after your Scheme car, booking your MOT in good time before the end of your lease is important’

Patsy’s second tip is to add a nominee. “If you need support from the Scheme and you’re not well enough to speak and you’ve previously nominated someone to speak on your behalf, they can call in and discuss anything regarding your Motability Scheme car without breaching the Data Protection Act. If you would like to add a nominee you can request this here or call us on 0300 456 4566.’

For her personal resolution, she reflects, “I am 60 years old now and I don’t think any New Year’s resolutions will change me now. So I just hope to continue being the happy, healthy, caring person I always try to be.”

Jonathan Bell, Motability Scheme dealership

“Determine if you really need to take your car out”

Jonathan Bell, from the Pentagon Group is the 2017 Motability Scheme Specialist of the year. He’s been working with the Scheme since 1990 and enjoys helping customers find vehicles which suit them best.

“This time of year I get lots of enquiries about four-wheel drives because people worry about getting snowed in. However, most of our customers are better off without one. A four-wheel drive is no good to you if the road is icy! So instead my advice for a new year’s resolution is to always ask yourself, ‘Is my journey really necessary?’ before taking the car out. Don’t choose your car based on a couple of weeks when the weather isn’t good, consider all of your needs before deciding which car is right for you.”

For his personal resolution, Jonathan is giving up sugar. “Last year I tried to cut down on sugar. I used to take two in coffee, one in tea. I cut it out in tea and have reduced to one in coffee. This year I want to cut it out altogether. I love sweet stuff but that’s what I’m going to do for the sake of my health.”

Kim Robinson, Motability Assist

“Always be prepared!”

Kim Robinson is the Project Manager for Motability Assist, who provide breakdown assistance for the Scheme’s powered wheelchair and scooter customers.

Kim’s team have come up with the following top tips for customers:

  • Always take your mobile phone and make sure it’s charged.
  • Take your product charger with you.
  • Wear warm clothes and take extra blankets.
  • Take any medication with you in case you are away from home longer than anticipated!

We hope you find these recommendations useful

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If you’re new to the Scheme, perhaps your new year’s resolution could be looking into joining! Find out more by requesting a free information pack and using our eligibility checker

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